Galaxy DX 959 Tune up Report

Galaxy DX 959

Galaxy DX 959 Brand new & for sale


Can you say NICE !! ?

All Done!  

Clarifier unlocked, TX & RX

Micro switches out the back for funny's.

Galaxy DX 959, brand new. Out of the box typical 4 watt maximum.

Modulation increased without removing Modulation limiter.

NPC/RC Modification to enhance carrier swing

Variable dead key .5 – 4watt

RMS-carrier modulation 12 watts

PEP actual is 47 watts

PEP “Dr. Feelgood” meter 60 watts 

The above power readings from BK Precision 1040 CB Service master which has been calibrated with a Bird 43 and using 1 Kilohertz tone per spec.

Good waveform with Mic gain set at 12 O’clock position.

Several capacitors replaced in PA stage making this radio perform in line with 10 meter Galaxy radios typical output levels.

Large internal capacitor added to enhance instantly needed power for PA stage and will help remove electrical “noise” from power lead.

TX and RX aligned per spec.

RX receive enhanced with Schottkey diodes.

Clarifier expanded to track both TX & RX.

Two micro switches out the back of radio for....., channel chart will be included with radio.

Stock Mic modified to be noise cancelling Mic.

10 amp fuse in power lead.


Add Echo + $75.00

I received outstanding reports on this radio, loud, powerful and clear on both AM and Sideband with no distortion.

Anytone Quad 5, used

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