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What my customers are saying

What my customers are saying

What my customers are saying



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I finally made the decision to purchase a new AT Quad 6 from Tiny's CB Shop in Molalla OR. Tim has professionally tuned aligned the radio to be dead on frequency and adjusted the modulation and power to custom tailor it for my needs. He walked me through all of the functions and settings prior to me talking it home. We even did some test communications so I could hear how it sounded prior to purchase. So far, this radio seems to outperform any radio I have ever owned!!

I have been using this radio for nearly a month now and I absolutely love it. The display is large and very easy to read. Once you get used to where everything is located in the menus, it is very easy to operate all of the functions. I have talked to several folks near and far, and have received great reports on the carrier strength as well as the clarity and strength of the modulation. Some of the folks I have talked to on the radio are very impressed with how loud and crystal clear my transmissions are.

All in all, I am very happy with the new Anytone 6666 (AT Quad 6 or AT-Q6). Would I go and purchase another one tomorrow?? Yes, I plan on purchasing one possibly two more. But for now, I am very impressed!!

I would highly recommend Tiny's CB Shop to anyone, and their CB radio needs...   Fast, friendly, and very knowledgeable!!2 people voted for this review   Troy G.


What my customers are saying

What my customers are saying


Q.  Why do I need to tune my antenna?

 A.  The antenna needs to radiate your signal in the most efficient manor.  A well tuned antenna radiates over 90% of your signal, while a poorly tuned antenna transmits far less.  The higher the SWR, the more signal that is going back into your radio, and not radiating.  The returned power can and will end up damaging or destroying the final transistor.  

Stryker SR955HPC tune up report

Stryker 955 presented for a tune up, it had already been converted.  Hooked up prior to removing the covers, the Stryker was peaking at around 20 watts pep with only 1 watt AVG swing.  

After tuning, the radio dead keys from 1 watt to 7 watts, and swings up to 80 + watts.  Clean wave form with the mic gain set at 12 O"clock position.  Stock mic is extremely sensitive, converted it to a noise canceler, and now the Stryker has the booming full sound such as a base station.  Had the customer park about 5 miles away so we could get the echo and mic gain settings optimized.  Result:  The Stryker 955 is a superb radio loaded with features and packs power, audio, and the sound we all want to have into a nice full size mobile unit.