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Having a Google phone number seen as a scamming resource?

Potential customer declined doing business due to Tiny's CB shop having a Google phone number

 A potential customer declined to do business with me because my CB Shop phone number is a Google phone number.  

Immediately below this paragraph is what the individual messaged me after calling:

"Sorry I don’t deal with people who has google voice fake numbers buddy have a a good night

It’s hard to make any contact other than the internet phone numbers sorry bets are over no offense"

I DID immediately provide my cell number, 503-877-7887, and let him know I stepped outside to await his call.  He did not call or respond.

Having a Google phone number provides me with the ability to make and receive phone calls while in my shop, as the shop structure is a metal building and as such, has terrible cellular reception inside it.  I do have WIFI in my shop, so an internet phone number, in this case a Google phone number, makes sense.  I was about to engage in a business transaction with a potential client in Florida.  He had agreed to make a deal with me, and I asked him to call me.  He did call, however when he heard the Google voice greeting, he decided to not leave a message and responded to the Facebook Messenger that he would not do business with anyone using a Google number as that is a sign of a scammer.  I had no idea......  The below is my response to that customer, and I thought I would provide it here.

I was somewhat surprised by your response insinuating because I have a Google number for my shop, that I may be dishonest.  I suppose in this world today I should not be surprised.  I am honest and have not ever taken advantage of anyone, though I know that many CB shops have bad reputations as "fly by night" operations.  I am not one of them.  I got into CB in the mid 90's when I drove for MD transport.  I knew enough about electronics in general to know the claims made by many CB shops had to be false.  Indeed they are, and quite frankly I found the stereotype to be more true than not.  I got into working on CB as a hobby, then ended up opening a shop at exit 44 on I-10 in Loxley Alabama, where I was living at the time.  I was then and remain now a reputable shop and individual.  You can say I get my jollies by being honest and showing my customers what their radio equipment is truly doing, and do not use a "Dr. Feelgood" meter.  I'll be happy to make a video of the amp in question being tested if you like.  Anyway, it bothered me enough that you might think I was trying to scam you that I edited my website saying my phone number is a Google number, and the reason why I changed it from my cell number;  for no other reason that my shop is a metal building with terrible cell reception inside.  I have never had anyone question my integrity in the past, and as I said, it bothered me that you did.  I understand why you feel the way you do.  I can assure you I am in no way dishonest.  Thank you for your honesty regarding this, because I had no idea a Google phone number would be seen as a scamming resource.  Tim, owner of Tiny's CB Shop.